Monday, December 26, 2005


It's funny how after all the build up, Christmas turns out to be a let down.......

Don't get me wrong I had a wonderful day with my 'better half', there was no family feud and my divorced parents even managed to stay civil all day.......but I still feel a bit empty and down.

Last year was way more fun so I guess I am missing my brother and sister-in-law in the states.

I have my health, a great wife, family peace (for a change!) and my brother's good news.....I just feel blue.......I can't budge that mood.....not even watching the 'Boxing Day Test' is helping (that would be a cricket tradition for any non-Australians out there!)

Oh well....back to work tomorrow......oh joy! (NOT!)

Saturday, December 24, 2005

So this is Christmas.....

Well another week of work is over.......and it finished quite nicely with happy colleagues and bosses. The moron I mentioned in my last post appears to be off my back for now as I'm content.

I'm sitting here on Christmas eve and have been considering my year........overall it was pretty good! I have been reminded of how much my wife means to me and how much she has supported me through the 'not so fun' days that arise from time to time. If you happen to read this.....I love you!

I miss my brother and his family over in the states and wish we were visiting like last year...oh well, maybe next year.....!!!!!

Tomorrow is the 'big day' and we will be doing the family thing....which is always somewhat tense and uncomfortable (divorced parents getting together with alcohol being can guess the rest!) . Here's hoping we all get through it unscathed. anyone who reads this

Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah)

And be cool to others where ever you are......don't forget - what comes around goes around!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Last week....This week....!!!!

Well let's just say last week was a shocker for all concerned at work....not only did we have to 'lock up' a fellow officer but on Friday it finished with one of our own staff being stood down. Both boys had been very way I would try and defend either!

This week would be much couldn't get any worse. Well probably not...but it could be just as bad. Today I discovered that some people think that we are all robots and believe we should have no variation in personality/behaviour/attitude or any other human trait. I guess they are bound to be disappointed because we are a reflection of society....last weeks events proved that.

The person I had to deal with was a man who had complained about how some of us (not me I might add...) had treated his son when he was arrested. Fair have the right and we expect you to defend your children. You can also complain if you believe things have not been done appropriately. I accept that this will happen and sometimes must happen......what I can't accept is that having investigated the complaints and meeting with the upset parent I suddenly find myself having to explain the issues repeatedly when he decides to complain about the exact same things again....and again! I wouldn't mind except for him having accepted the explanations during the first mediation. To top that off he has now chosen to twist my words in an attempt to undermine me to my bosses.....not fair mate! If you don't accept the explanation... then fine!.......we agreed to writing no less! Don't take a second bite just because some other agency drops another charge on junior! Yell at to him.......take a 'chill pill'....just don't screw up my week.....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Un-Australian and unacceptable

For the past three days there has been a demonstration of the most disgusting and un-Australian behaviour initially by a bunch of alcohol-fueled anglo-saxon morons which was promptly followed with retaliation by their targets - angry testosterone-fueled arabs.

These kids have got to be joking.....this is total bullshit and they know it. They have only succeeded in making themselves and the rest of the country look pathetic. Neither side is right!

If you need to prove a point go out on the Nullabour and 'punch on'.....leave the cities and suburbs to those of us who are willing to try and get along or at least use civilised means to sort out our problems.

To those involved.......You are all just sad, pathetic little children with limited mental faculties.........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Idiots abound....!!!!

I thought this week was going to be a nightmare because of 'B' - the acting boss but I had no idea that he would have company in the idiot stakes...
One of my colleagues, who is supposed to be a manager, started the week out by phoning me on Sunday night to 'seek advice'.....what a load of bollocks....he wanted me to make some decisions for him! After some discussion and a lot of prompting by me he left me alone to enjoy the remainder of my time off only to handball the problems he had to me so when I got to work on Monday not only was the idiot 'B' in charge but I had a pile of someone else's work to do.
Well.....that was not going to happen and when he phoned to see how I was going (doing his work......cheeky bastard!) he got a shock to find that it would all be waiting for him when he came in! The problem is that he will do it again next time....he just doesn't get it!
In other areas of life things are going well except that my foot is still not fully still causes quite some pain on occasion but the surgeon reckons it will come good over the next 6's time like these you really appreciate how important the design of you foot is.....and how much you rely on it working correctly. No more cheap or ill fitting shoes for these guys...only the best will do.