Thursday, March 30, 2006

Home maintenance.........

Well I'm into the second (and final!) week of my holidays and still on the home maintenance.......whew!

Last week the clean up and this week the new floor in the kitchen......cork tiles. The only down side so far has been the fumes from the glue and the surface sealant.....what a stink! Then it occured to me that my wife works for a company that supplies eco and environmentally friendly paints and finishes....... low or no VOC's and as a consequence smell. Am I an idiot or what? Well not really as they don't have an equivalent product for a floor finish sadly.....still there's a market there for a clever inventor! Anyway I'm nearly finished and it will be onto the next job....if there's any holiday time left????????

On the world scene.....I have often been a critic of George W. but I may have to bite my tongue now our own Prime Minister has suggested that he may sell our abundant uranium to China......what could possibly go wrong? Then again he is one of George W.'s best mates....isn't he. Why am I surprised...............

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Well the holiday is in full swing and I've started on the home maintenance....whew! I'd forgotten how heavy a 9 foot railway sleeper was.....until I picked one up for the bulk rubbish disposal. Now I hurt.....a lot!

That aside I'm feeling pretty good about my I just have to finish all the jobs I have started....not my forte but this time I'm going to succeed!

Only thing left is to drink some home brew.......when the hayfever's that time of the year.....strong easterly winds = hayfever!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

One More Day.......

And I'm on holidays...!!!

A time to recharge and recuperate........away from the idiots.

A time to work on the house (maintenance that's way overdue!)

A time to enjoy time with my loved one and best friend......

A time to regain my sense of fact my humanity (and sanity...!!!)

A time to drink some home brew.......mmmmmm home brew!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Times change....

It's interesting to note as I get older that I find myself thinking about younger people much the same way as the generation before mine thought about gives you a whole new perspective!

I always thought I would never complain about these 'young people' and so far I have pretty much succeeded......but it's not going to last. When you work in a para-military organisation (Police...!!!) as I do it comes as a shock to discover that the 'why' or 'me' generation doesn't share your attitude to work or the necessary management heirachy that you work under.

I understand that things have changed and much of society looks for a holistic, positive feedback, warm and fuzzy approach to crime and punishment. The only problem is that we are still expected to risk our lives whilst being verbally and physically assaulted.....not forgetting to turn the other cheek with little or no support from government or the court system. It just gets harder when the newer officers then start refusing to do the very work that they were warned about before joining 'the job' which often increases the danger and stress we are expected to endure. What a bunch of soft cocks....!!! There is no excuse because the nature of the job is clear and evident to all who's just seems that we have become part of the societal view where no one accepts responsibility for their must be the fault of their parents/childhood/schooling/church/police/government....etc (anyone but them! funny that!).

What a load of bollocks!

It has to change eventually and it will.....I just hope I have retired by then because the future law enforcers will have to clean up a really nasty mess I fear....