Friday, April 27, 2007

Blogging at sea...!!!

I have to be quick because the internet costs on a ship are extreme.......but how cool is this....I'm blogging at sea. In the Yellow Sea to be precise....having just left Xingang the port of Beijing and after visiting Hong Kong (awesome shopping), Xiamen (dirty but great shopping), Shanghai (huge, f**king enormous, great shopping) and now heading for Dalian...does anyone see the pattern here!

Have been on the Great Wall, in a Ming Tomb, in the Bund.....this is amazing. Now I'm writing about it at sea after a fabulous dinner (silver service) and it's only cost an arm and a leg....that's why we work I guess.

Odyssey and The Goose I've emailed and if you want to reply check the sending should be hotmail. Mouthful of pancake you're not forgotten but I have to go because these computers are sought after by angry pensioners wanting to check their stocks and bonds.....I'm being intimidated as we speak.

Trivia to end....what is the statue of liberty called???? Odyssey, you should get this one easily...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bloggial Pursuit.........

Okay then.....if we're going to play then I've got one for you before we go...

And in keeping with the musical theme......

What animal is terrified, you could even say 'strung out', by string instruments?

I will be very disappointed if you get this wrong, especially you 'mouthful of pancakes'

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On the road again........

Like my slightly younger sibling Odyssey I have been suffering from a bit of 'blog block'. Mine is due to several difficult weeks at work and the 'ups and downs' of planning and arranging our imminent holiday. The good news is

Five sleeps to go!!!!!!!

On Monday we take to the sky and head for Hong Kong.....where no doubt we will shop....well 'eL' will and I'll carry the bags. Then it's on to the high seas for some new experiences..... we can't wait.

Hopefully I'll visit from time to time for a display of photo's and the telling of tales