Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Work and responsibility...............

Most of us work and take our jobs seriously....we know what is expected of us, we try hard and do our best. Every now and again you meet someone who just hasn't got a clue!!!!

I have one of those as a boss.....'hairplug' to my readers!

I've been back at work for several weeks now and I'm still pretty relaxed....it must have been a good holiday!!!! For the past few days I watched as 'hairplug' has systematically duck-shovelled most of his work and responsibilities to staff under his direction....I can't say 'command' because he has no understanding of the concept. Some of this work has come my way but I seem to have found a way to push back some of it, but the rest is being dumped onto the 'can't say no' people in the office (the good workers....who have pride in their work). I work with 19 year old's who have a better comprehension of our job than this guy.

He is what most of us refer to as 'old school' but even in that area he's a loser in that at least 'old school' detectives (yes he's also an ex-detective) would work hard giving some balance to their arrogance. He has no sense of balance........and he thinks all the young female staff fancy him.......that's just wrong! Oh and for my siblings...he has two sons called Beau and Luke.......hmmmmmmm

This type of personality always seem to slide right through life causing the accidents without suffering the consequences........I wonder why? There's probably at least one PhD in there somewhere............

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back to work...........

After a wonderful and lengthy holiday it was back to work last Monday.......and I survived the first week remarkably well. My good boss missed me and so did 'hairplug'....he didn't have anyone to handball his work to and had to do a hard day's graft for a change!

I have now re-built my PC with all the goodies I bought in the US and whew......it flies!!!!!! However I'm still working out a few software bugs that have resulted from imaging my old hard drive......at least it keeps the brain active:-)

It's funny how we're both tired and unenthusiastic after such a good holiday......I can't think why???

Now back to our trivia battle:- What was the first man made object put into space....and by whom?

You may be surprised at this one!!!