Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We're due for a holiday........both of us really need a break. I can tell I need a holiday because today I picked a fight with my boss.....four times and somehow walked away without penalty (not a wise move in law enforcement - senior officers don't like being told they are wrong or stupid! Yes I did both:-o)

We are going on holiday in April thankfully........I just have to get that far without opening my mouth once too often! It's promises to be a really good holiday and we'll get to see family who have moved away........We can't wait! We both need to get away from our jobs and become people again.

New places and different ways to get around....time to expand the mind and life experiences.

Must work on my patience and restraint.....only six weeks and four days to go...but who's counting!!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Star gazing......

I have a small telescope which I use from time to time.....looking at the Moon and Venus mostly.

The other night 'L' and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours on a lawn in front of a University of Western Australia building looking at parts of the cosmos through some very expensive telescopes.....we went to University Summer School and did an astronomy class. It was way cool!!!

We saw the Moon so closely that I'm sure I saw the glint of the the remains of the lunar landing module.....and the impact stress fractures radiating from the Tyco crater....amazing stuff! We saw Pleiades (the only stars mentioned in the Bible apparently) and the Orion that's really cool!

Now I want a really big telescope to see everything I can........mmmmmm more money needed, must win Lotto!!!