Sunday, April 30, 2006

I was surprised!!!!

Let me say from the outset......our Prime Minister is not my favourite person for many reasons particularly he habit of following the lead of that moron George W,


this week he did something that made him seem almost human, decent even.....

We suffered our first death in Iraq, a young soldier with a wife and two small children....a very sad situation which was made unbearable when the Australian Defence Force stuffed up the return of his body short it was not escorted and due to a mix up by a civilian contractor the wrong person arrived here in Australia. I might say at this point that the only people to blame here are our one else, full stop.

The wife of the dead soldier was distraught, not surprisingly and she phoned our Prime Minister at 2.00am to blow her stack! Now for the shock......He actually took the call and spoke to her at length....he even apologised! (which he is loathe to do for anything) This behaviour astounded me. I am certain that most other western leaders would have refused to speak until a 'decent' hour and there is no doubt many would have avoided any confrontation at all!

I still don't like or trust the man but at least he has some decency about him........what a surprise!

The media, on the other hand, are turning this whole matter into a circus as you would expect and the facts surrounding this soldiers death are quite suspicious anyway so it is not exactly hard to create's a shame these so called 'journalists' are so popular amongst the masses

Read between the lines people! It's sensationalism.......not truth.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You have to laugh.....

The head of our state health department has just created some problems for the state government by choosing the amount of his first pay rise since taking on the job six months ago. It sounds strange but is true! They have employed this joker on a contract that allows him to take a pay rise regularly and choose from 7 to 24%.......I kid you not! He was very kind and only opted for the 7 % so he only gets an extra $65,000.00 added to his annual salary of $528,000.00.....I thought it had to be a joke too but it is correct! Our Prime Minister only earns about $280,000.00 so how can the health supremo be worth the amount he is paid......he's not of course!

Oh......and the government didn't bother to include performance indicators in his contract either!

Somebody voted these tools into office and by the time the next election arrives the same fools will vote them in again............I thought goldfish were supposed to have short memories!

Just to make life really interesting the same health supremo announced today that he was about to have his drivers licence suspended for multiple traffic offences.........his department is responsible for the state 'traffic safety campaign'. He will make a great poster boy won't he!!!!

I thought you only got monkeys when you paid peanuts..................................

Monday, April 17, 2006

Malicious software!

Yesterday I discovered that my PC was infected with adware/spyware and viruses. This became apparent when I suddenly started seeing a 'virus alert' icon and message in the task bar in XP. I don't know where these nasty little invaders came from or when I picked them up but I was not amused!!! (No not porn sites....not my cup of tea actually!)

Then it occured to me that the message was trying to link me to a software site that would cure the problem......which obviously means that this company was aware of my situation. How?????? and then I realised....these piles of excrement caused the infection and then had the front to offer the cure. What a pack of socially impoverished wankers!

I have been lucky until now and never experienced this problem......but that's obviously over now! I have since added an excellent anti-virus/anti-adware program but even that took several goes to remove the last of this putrid software blight (two days of effort in fact). If only I was astute enough to create a revenge program to return to the festering arseholes that spoiled two days of my life....but alas my personal moral view and lack of skill prevents that course of action. I will however offer them my views on their products and intellectual capacity via email....for what it's worth!

I guess those people to lazy to become defence solicitors and politicians have to find someway to earn the money they need to buy drugs/pay to have sex/buy alcohol.......etc (I'm not bitter....just angry!)

Think happy thoughts.......maybe a similar product from another source will strip their bank accounts and enter them on an international sex offenders register....I can hope!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's that time of the year......when the shops are filled with chocolate eggs, chocolate hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies, chocolate bilby's (you get the idea!) and huge quantities of commercial crap.....I mean gifts!

Easter has become another holiday of commercial excess.

It's time to make a stand and call it by a name with real meaning.........The Chocolate Very Long Weekend! - Not catchy or clever but pretty accurate.

The world likes chocolate so much even health professionals are trying to prove it can be good for you........think about it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back to work........

I went back to work on Monday. I made it through the whole week unscathed. In fact I spent the latter part of the week being a sounding board for several staff who are starting to question the reasons we do our job in the conditions thrown at interesting exercise indeed! I think I discovered much about myself and hopefully provided them with some useful advice....we'll see.

The political climate in my organisation has always been somewhat volatile but I my particular Unit especially so! We are operating in a work environment that is largely controlled by another government agency which means what we do can impact two different government ministers who just happen to be from opposing party political factions.....that can be a real pain! This week saw some major point scoring attempted by these two using information derived from work done by my's interesting to see how two politicians can completely change the meaning of the same information to achieve their own ends. What a pair of lying bastards! Not surprising when you know one is a rabid, vicious drunk and the other regularly associates with numerous nefarious members of the local community to get ahead (no names no pack drill...) Fortunately that becomes my bosses problem and not mine......whew!

I can see where our festering, oops I mean federal politicians get their methods and policies from.....aah the downside of democracy - the people that aspire to the job are usually the ones that should never do it!

On a bright note....we've just booked a holiday for next year...details soon...:-)