Sunday, April 30, 2006

I was surprised!!!!

Let me say from the outset......our Prime Minister is not my favourite person for many reasons particularly he habit of following the lead of that moron George W,


this week he did something that made him seem almost human, decent even.....

We suffered our first death in Iraq, a young soldier with a wife and two small children....a very sad situation which was made unbearable when the Australian Defence Force stuffed up the return of his body short it was not escorted and due to a mix up by a civilian contractor the wrong person arrived here in Australia. I might say at this point that the only people to blame here are our one else, full stop.

The wife of the dead soldier was distraught, not surprisingly and she phoned our Prime Minister at 2.00am to blow her stack! Now for the shock......He actually took the call and spoke to her at length....he even apologised! (which he is loathe to do for anything) This behaviour astounded me. I am certain that most other western leaders would have refused to speak until a 'decent' hour and there is no doubt many would have avoided any confrontation at all!

I still don't like or trust the man but at least he has some decency about him........what a surprise!

The media, on the other hand, are turning this whole matter into a circus as you would expect and the facts surrounding this soldiers death are quite suspicious anyway so it is not exactly hard to create's a shame these so called 'journalists' are so popular amongst the masses

Read between the lines people! It's sensationalism.......not truth.

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