Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year.........

Well we got through Christmas and it went very well.....give or take. We ate and drank too much so now we have to work hard to get rid of those extra kilo's!

It's New Years Eve and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for work tonight.....not an easy task because we only see the 'bad' people. I have decided I need to balance my life by spending more time with decent people so I don't always think the worst of occupational hazard I'm afraid......

Wish me luck for tonight.....hopefully no injuries to any of my crew and maybe for a change everyone will behave and just have's hoping!

To paraphrase the 'Bard' - "Once more unto the breech dear friends!"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the night before Christmas....

Well it's the afternoon before really........we are wrapping presents and I'm about to cook a magnificent leg of pork (roast...!!!).

We are awash with food for tomorrow as we are doing Christmas lunch for immediate family......last minute decision but I think it will come together nicely. The roast will be interesting as I've never done one before.........fingers crossed!

I have mixed feelings about Christmas due to some recent 'turbulence' and I am hoping the day turns out to be fun......I will be making every effort and may be 'under the weather' for work on Boxing Day (who cares!!!)

For anyone who reads this on or around the day............."Happy Hanukkah....Merry Christmas.....Happy Non-denominational Festive Season" and most of all


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Modern life experiences!

I had a strange day today.....I underwent a medical experience (no, not just for the sake of it) that made me think about how so many things humans do have changed significantly in the time I've been alive.

I caught the train to hospital at midday, was admitted at 12:45, had a surgical procedure at 2:15 and caught the train home arriving at 3:15, all without any pain or need for significant follow up amazing is that? That is something that no one could have dreamt of only 20 years ago and I also appreciate that many people still won't have the same benefits even today!

Now here I sit with 5 stitches in my lower lip and, as I mentioned before, without pain. I certainly realise how lucky I really am.

For the record I had a small black lesion removed that had grown just under the surface of my lower lip......just to be sure it wasn't the 'Australian' cancer (skin!).

If only we spent more time on the good things and less on the weapons

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pay Rise!!!!

After all the bitching and whining I can happily (well sort of!) say we have been given a pay rise....and a good one too! It will make life a lot more palatable and certainly pay for the upcoming holiday!

The small sting in the tail is twofold:-

Now applying for other jobs becomes a little less easy because the wage will always play some part in the decision, and

We were put in a very uncomfortable position in this pay agreement in that we are expected to publicly say we got less than we actually did!! (the Government wants to save face and avoid paying the teachers and nurses a lot more in their pay negotiations......!!!!!)

It makes me feel a little dirty......but I'm going to take it anyway......a man's wife has to live to a standard you know!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I hate applying for jobs......especially when you don't even get an interview!

Very sad face......:-(

Monday, November 20, 2006


Today marks a momentous occasion....not in global terms, but in my world!

My best friend, soul mate, lover, wife, supporter and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Twenty-five years!

She has been and will be the most important person in my life.....ever!

The only thing I really need to say is :- "I love you and always will!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

It's getting worse...!!!

I thought my last post demonstrated the lowest behaviour possible in a court case........I was wrong.....way wrong!

The witnesses being intimidated all are workers in the same location....and now their supervisor/boss/overlord has started telling them what evidence they should give and what they should leave out.

Now I'm really gobsmacked.........somebody is about to receive a visit from a pelican with a forty foot wingspan...and diahorrea!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Parity....yeah right!

Today we discovered that a defence lawyer was attempting to interfere with (no......honest I just want to chat to them.....!!!) a large group of prosecution witnesses in an upcoming case. This is a first for me.....I've experienced chicanery and dirty tricks in the court room but interfering with witnesses in a blatant manner is not what even the worse legal practiitioners would do....obviously we have moved to a lower level these days.

We spoke to our prosecutor and suggested that we should protect the witnesses by suggesting they avoid this lawyer and we were met with admonishment in the form of "we shouldn't interfere as long as he doesn't threaten them". I suggested we ensure that if they are approached we should also be present to provide some support and was told "that would not be fair on the lawyer"

Bollocks to the lawyer....what about the wonder most people don't want to get involved these days. I'm not sure I do anymore....where's that new job.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A thought.......

I was watching 'Cosmos' the television series by Dr. Carl Sagan the other night in which he said,

"The suppression of theories and ideas, whilst common practise in politics and religion, is not the path to knowledge"

Enough said really..........

Friday, October 06, 2006

Now what's happening....

Well I've been quiet of late so here's the skinny.....

I'm writing some more job applications......counselling a couple of stressed colleagues (well at least trying to!) and tomorrow, which is Saturday we are going to paint some of the house......hopefully!

So I guess you would say things have been quiet....

Oh ....apart from the fact I'm doing two jobs, we had several serious offences to investigate, a suicide by train (always very nasty), the Royal Show is on (it's like a State Fair for those in the US), school holidays have started and the Govt has told us to "get f@$ked" in reference to our pay offer.

It's going to be very interesting when I leave this 'job'....and I'm not the only one jumping ship!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

International talk like a pirate day!!!

Did ye talk as a pirate would t'day???

Well I certainly did!!!!! All those scurvy dogs who sail with me seemed confused.....

They thought I was bloody mad!

(They may be right!)

Monday, September 18, 2006

It's the day of the pirates!!!!!!!!!

September 19 is "International talk like a pirate day" lets celebrate me hearties!!

If ye do not wish to walk the will join us! Aaaaaaarrrgghhhh!!!

Fifteen men in a dead man's chest.........well blow me down and shiver me timbers!!! Now where's me bloody parrot!

Now on a serious note.....the first job application went in today.....wish me well maties!!!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006


This applying for jobs lark is no picnic............I'd forgotten how stressful it can be.

I hope it turns out to be worthwhile.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bloody Hell...!!!

The Government has treated us like shit....and this is what happens

This is getting really nasty.......

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quiet calm..........

Today the government updated their offer on our pay was virtually the same as the first offer.

I should be feeling very angry about this but I find myself strangely calm.....almost alarmingly so!

I want better pay and we all deserve it.....but as I am looking for greener pastures I have suddenly discovered that the arrogance of the W.A. State Government now only seems to make me feel pity......for their stupidity. A large number of Police are going to resign over this......experienced senior staff.....and the Government is going to reap what they have sown.

Good luck...........I'm not going to hang around to suffer the fall-out. Alan Carpenter and John Kobelke.....may the societal detritus you are breeding visit upon you personally.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now here's the latest news.....

Since my last post I have turned a year older (yes I may be two years older than you for a month little bro but you aren't getting much sleep ...... so I think I'm ahead!). I had a wonderful day out and about with the one I love.

The rally I mentioned was extremely successful in as much as more than 2000 police protested outside parliament, we got national media coverage and the arbitration body is now taking our side in negotiations.....we kicked arse and the politicians know it! They are still not feeling terribly generous towards us but they know we mean business. Anyway I'm looking elsewhere so they can shovel sand up their respective arses!

I am seriously hunting for new employ so things are looking up.....we'll see where things go.

It's about time I started a new batch of fact several batches I think........what about you little bro????

Monday, August 14, 2006

It's been a while....

Since I have said anything. A lot has happened of late....I was on holidays, got sick (tonsilitis!), saw the doctor, got better and now I'm back at work. I didn't get much of the home maintenance done that I had wanted to but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.

Work is much the same sadly and a very good work friend has been promoted and moved on to better things.....we shall miss her forthright comments to all and sundry....especially those to 'hairplug'!

Tomorrow we are going to do something that has never been necessary for police to do in this state......hold a union rally at the state parliament!!!! It is a bold and somewhat risky move but the politicians that should be negotiating our pay conditions have indicated that we are not important to them....they won't even talk to us about our fair pay and conditions claims.

It's an interesting thought....if this rally got out of hand (which it won't) who would be called to sort it out.........after all we are the police and that's what we would normally do.....interesting thought just the same............

Monday, July 31, 2006


I'm into the second week of two weeks holiday and as could be expected I came down with some dread disease on the first day.....I am still not well and it is obviously related to my general well-being - yes I know little brother, my job is not good for my health!!!!! I am grateful to my better half for being so understanding but it's not really fair on her.

Today we had lunch with an old work colleague of mine who saw sense some years ago and 'jumped ship' so to speak....she is now working in a federal law enforcement agency on a posting to a tropical island off the east coast of Australia....well she calls it working!!!! Well she and my better half ganged up on me over lunch and it made me think about work....seriously think about work!!!!

I am starting to look around to see what I can do that is better for and too both of us!

Let's see what there is............

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pay Offer....update!

The government has not yet accepted our rejection of their original offer.....two weeks after we made it! Talk about stretching things out. Most of the officers I know are very pissed off......and rightly so. We are being treated very badly, in fact, ignored completely by the government.

To cap it all the minister keeps telling the media and public that we are refusing to negotiate.....what a liar.....we turn up to talk and he sends some junior staff members to tell us "take it or leave it!". Even a politician can't call that negotiating.

It looks like a long struggle ahead......bugger!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tears of joy.......

There is nothing quite so heartening as hearing the tears of joy coming from a good friend who has been down in the depths for so long.......congratulations to you and 'The Mexican'. You both deserve this go and enjoy!

The fat lady is singing your song now................!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pay Offer

We were provided with the current pay offer that our employers, the state, have determined that we deserve on late Friday afternoon. I'm not surprised that they chose that time of the working week to tell was an insult!

If that's what they think we deserve then they are about to discover how far off the mark they are!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I am not a parent and when I hear about things like this I remember one of the reasons why!

As I am somewhat on the inside through my work, so to speak, I should be careful what I say..........

I feel for both one deserves this.

I am a pacifist generally but this creature should be removed from the planet..........immediately!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I was right....a new job was the doctor's recommendation as I guessed! Not so easy to do....maybe I can re-invent the old job......hmmmm....maybe not.

I think I will stay around for a bit longer....if only to watch "Hairplug". It's amazing to sit back and watch a grown man of 50 odd losing it completely. He's taken to wandering around the office sprouting total gibberish to all and that's just a bit disturbing! It's a good thing he doesn't have access to the's just a shame he still has rank. He is also now so self-absorbed that he will very shortly disappear up his own rectal passage......mental note - make sure the video camera is would make "Funniest Home Video" for sure or maybe we could just upload it to the 'net'.

At least I still have my sense of several shades of black!!!!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Police Malaise....

Of late I think my job has made me sick........not so much sick of my job as sick from it!

I have been crook since Saturday and couldn't go today due to a blinding headache.........I seem to drag myself in on Mondays and soldier through the week only to crash on the weekend..........what else could it be?????

Off to see the doctor tomorrow.........I wonder what the prescription for this problem is??????

A new's not like I haven't been looking!

I guess the job does really suck!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Sailing in uncharted waters....

As part of my pirate persona I often think about everyday events with a piratical spin.....

As mentioned in recent posts the good ship "Saucy PRU" has been sailing through turbulent seas in the aftermath of hurricane 'Internal Affairs'. Capt 'K' has regained command however first mate 'Hairplug' the helmsman, who stubbed his toe whilst contemplating his own reflection, has lost interest and our stout ship is now sailing uncharted waters.

Capt 'K' reprimanded the first mate yesterday but it seems to have only added to 'Hairplugs' woes....after all the two missing crew only fell over board during the storm and may drown, his toe hurts....a lot!!!!

I predict that either the crew will mutiny and hoist the first mate on the yard arm or Capt 'K' will feed him to the fishes. Both results are a plus for the crew really............

Now.........where is the ship's gallows rope?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Tired and Emotional............

I'm tired........very tired!

Work has been very hard.........not the actual work per se, more so the work environment.

I have been watching helplessly as a good friend goes through a 'hell' not of her making......and just wish I could help somehow. What makes it harder is that "Hairplug", my supervisor, is also stressed regarding his own related situation and this is making life for my friend unbearable. His problems are very minor compared to hers and he expects all the sympathy.........what an A grade, card carrying wanker! He needs to grow some bollocks! I care for her a lot as a friend and hope things start to improve because she deserves better.

I have reached a decision in my own life and it's time to start improving my lot........I need a change!

I have very little enthusiasm for my job at the moment so I need to recharge......time to do something that I will enjoy!

I'll keep you time.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Self Interest.......

I lost my temper today.....with my boss! He was too self absorbed to even notice!

He was lecturing me condescendingly about things I knew more about than he did and when I attempted to respond he spoke over me as if I wasn't even there. He even failed to notice me loudly commenting to a bystander that I was being ignored by him..........I guess he was only standing right in front of me as I said was unreasonable of me to expect him to listen.

When I calmed down...after walking away from the discussion before doing something I would have regretted......I began to ponder how many people are lacking in the skill of listening.

There are a lot more of them these days.....many don't even attempt to listen or pretend that they do. It's all about them and it seem that they are the ones who get ahead....squeaky wheel and all that!

I think I rather stay as I am than become someone like that.

The real boss comes back on Monday..........what a relief!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Happy chaps....

I saw these White-Tailed Black Cockatoo's in the pine tree across the road yesterday.

They are big, clumsy, comical and very happy....they stripped the tree of cones in about 20 minutes dropping the empty husks onto the tin roofed house below.

I'm going to take a leaf out of their book.....slow, steady and happy albeit a bit messy

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Laser skirmish!

Today I played laser skirmish with my little sister, her husband and a whole gang of's like paintball without the pain of projectiles!

What a hoot!

There were seven of us adults against about 10 team versus green team in defend your fort.

We flogged them.......age and cunning will usually beat youth and speed. Well cunning and nefarious tactics.........who shot people in the back.......wasn't me!

Now to soothe the aching muscles and bones..........the one downside of age.

Friday, May 19, 2006

What's good for the goose............

As police officers we are expected to comply with many laws, rules, regulations and policies that cover everything from our manner of dress, through to the way behave and onto the manner in which we treat our customers and our own colleagues. We all know the rules and most of us try to follow them most of the time.....of course mistakes occur from time to time but we are only human!

When we deal with the public (both good and bad) we are expected to behave well and treat them with respect, compassion and fairness.......fair enough too! Even recidevist offenders have rights!

Why is it then that when Internal Affairs dealt with two former members of my office today on disciplinary matters they were provided with no support, compassion or care on any level at all! They were treated like the numbers that we all fear we have become.

These were not criminal offenders but very inexperienced officers who had made errors of judgment in behaviour in relation to a fellow crime, no malice and no intent to do harm.....just mistakes and stupidity.

I don't excuse their behavior in any way but when did we lose our right to fairness.....and what does it tell the rest of us in respect to our value to the organisation. The way in which this whole issue has been conducted is nothing short of disgusting.

The message I'm getting is not good! No wonder we are losing more members than we can replace.

I have limited my comments to a large degree as I don't really possess the appropriate vocabulary to express my full anger without resorting to crass and unseemly language........which achieves nothing!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sick puppy........

We had a small medical emergency on Tuesday night......with Max our 'little' puppy.

It had been a pretty grim day for both the love of my life and I at our respective jobs and the evening was not looking good either (unplanned and last-minute work that was dumped on the one I care about....unfairly I might add!). I looked out the back door to see the sad face of Max.....he was drooling profusely and shaking which meant only one thing to me....poison!

As it was about 7.30pm I only had one option and that involved loading all 65 kilos of sick puppy into my 'ute' for an urgent trip to the nearest emergency vets about 30 minutes away. What a journey!!!!!!!! I was covered in dog slobber from head to toe by the time I got there and then Max decides he doesn't like the vet.......grrrrrrrrrrr/woof, etc.

In the end it looks like he either got a bee sting in the mouth or maybe a spider bite! I should mention that we have many of the really 'world-class' poisonous spiders in this country but fortunately the venom of most will not kill your dog, just you if you're unlucky....!!!!!

He was almost better by the time I got home and is fine now..........he is quite cute even if he dislikes most people and we were very worried for a while. At least it took my mind off the crap day we both had and made us realise that it could have been much worse.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Day from hell!

Today was not fact it sucked!

We lost a court case due to witnesses deciding to change their evidence with no warning....and after making the original complaint to us in the first place!

The organisation lost another court case after a jury were intimidated out of convicting several very nasty prominent thugs! Then these very scumbags claim they are hard done by......what utter crap!

Five very senior members of our organisation were relieved of duty for now in relation to an overturned conviction......this just makes us all look bad whether they have done anything wrong or not!

My current supervisor (hair plug!) has suddenly developed a rubber desk...and guess where all his work is bouncing too!

Clearly there is no God, Buddha, Krishna, Allah or other overall single cosmic deity....and as for intelligent design.....let's not go there right now, I may blow a valve!

I may go and sit in the corner and rock for a while

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Winter of my discontent........

Somebody came to work recently with a bad dose of the flu......

Now I have it!

I will have to think of a suitable payback......when I feel better

Friday, May 05, 2006

The week finally ends........

Well as I promised yesterday I shall now explain (well sort of!) what make this week so torrid at work.

We had a visit from what we in Australian law enforcement call the 'toe-cutters' or 'feather-feet'....for every one else Internal Affairs. You can take that to be a bad thing....very bad.

I can't risk explaining the precise nature of the investigation however it was aimed at a number of staff starting right near the top. The allegations centered around the treatment of an officer and whether or not it was appropriately dealt with by immediate and extended management.

I will say from the outset that I take no issue with the need to conduct an investigation into the allegations or even with the manner in which that occurred. After all if true, some of the matters are quite serious......not corrupt or illegal but matters of discipline and inappropriate behaviour.

My concerns are two-fold

1. Our senior manager has not even bothered to come to our office and let the staff know that he is concerned in relation to the investigation and offer some assurances to the staff that he will support those that are blameless or have only made genuine mistakes and,

2. The person who is the 'victim' in this is making allegations in relation to events that they were not only involved in but partially or entirely instigated.

As far as the so-called 'manager' goes all I can say is that in all my 25 years in law enforcement I have never met a more self-serving, uncaring, vacuous pool of arse gravy. He has no ethics, morals or backbone and is an embarrassment to the human race. I intend to seek placement elsewhere and when I find a location to my liking I will ensure that as I depart everyone knows he is the reason.......including him!

In relation to the victim I feel a mixture of anger and sadness. I personally know some of the allegations to be untrue, some wildly embellished and others I suspect are mostly accurate. What I can't understand is why you would risk many friendships and the loss of your credibility by not sticking with the unadulterated truth. At least that would ensure the real issues were dealt with and any real transgressors punished. All that has occurred in this case is a large number of uninvolved parties are trying to justify their actions for things that they know nothing about. It is not fair and has created a wave of paranoia throughout my workplace. I feel great sadness for someone who has felt it necessary to cause that kind of damage........especially to those people who have done nothing wrong!

The investigation is winding down now and it seems that the wheat is being sorted from the chaff.....I guess we may at least get a fair outcome. Now the damage needs to be repaired and that's going to take a long time.

I don't know if this makes me feel any better but at least I haven't been directly impacted so far although I'm not going to hold my breath yet.

Think happy thoughts and on Monday we'll have to start the re-build!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tempestuous week.........

It has been a turbulent week so far and it's not over yet! I will explain the situation in a day or so when the events have concluded....suffice to say it has been extremely unpleasant watching friends and colleagues being subject of what amounts to an emotional grinder for days on end.

It has to stop soon...........

Sunday, April 30, 2006

I was surprised!!!!

Let me say from the outset......our Prime Minister is not my favourite person for many reasons particularly he habit of following the lead of that moron George W,


this week he did something that made him seem almost human, decent even.....

We suffered our first death in Iraq, a young soldier with a wife and two small children....a very sad situation which was made unbearable when the Australian Defence Force stuffed up the return of his body short it was not escorted and due to a mix up by a civilian contractor the wrong person arrived here in Australia. I might say at this point that the only people to blame here are our one else, full stop.

The wife of the dead soldier was distraught, not surprisingly and she phoned our Prime Minister at 2.00am to blow her stack! Now for the shock......He actually took the call and spoke to her at length....he even apologised! (which he is loathe to do for anything) This behaviour astounded me. I am certain that most other western leaders would have refused to speak until a 'decent' hour and there is no doubt many would have avoided any confrontation at all!

I still don't like or trust the man but at least he has some decency about him........what a surprise!

The media, on the other hand, are turning this whole matter into a circus as you would expect and the facts surrounding this soldiers death are quite suspicious anyway so it is not exactly hard to create's a shame these so called 'journalists' are so popular amongst the masses

Read between the lines people! It's sensationalism.......not truth.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

You have to laugh.....

The head of our state health department has just created some problems for the state government by choosing the amount of his first pay rise since taking on the job six months ago. It sounds strange but is true! They have employed this joker on a contract that allows him to take a pay rise regularly and choose from 7 to 24%.......I kid you not! He was very kind and only opted for the 7 % so he only gets an extra $65,000.00 added to his annual salary of $528,000.00.....I thought it had to be a joke too but it is correct! Our Prime Minister only earns about $280,000.00 so how can the health supremo be worth the amount he is paid......he's not of course!

Oh......and the government didn't bother to include performance indicators in his contract either!

Somebody voted these tools into office and by the time the next election arrives the same fools will vote them in again............I thought goldfish were supposed to have short memories!

Just to make life really interesting the same health supremo announced today that he was about to have his drivers licence suspended for multiple traffic offences.........his department is responsible for the state 'traffic safety campaign'. He will make a great poster boy won't he!!!!

I thought you only got monkeys when you paid peanuts..................................

Monday, April 17, 2006

Malicious software!

Yesterday I discovered that my PC was infected with adware/spyware and viruses. This became apparent when I suddenly started seeing a 'virus alert' icon and message in the task bar in XP. I don't know where these nasty little invaders came from or when I picked them up but I was not amused!!! (No not porn sites....not my cup of tea actually!)

Then it occured to me that the message was trying to link me to a software site that would cure the problem......which obviously means that this company was aware of my situation. How?????? and then I realised....these piles of excrement caused the infection and then had the front to offer the cure. What a pack of socially impoverished wankers!

I have been lucky until now and never experienced this problem......but that's obviously over now! I have since added an excellent anti-virus/anti-adware program but even that took several goes to remove the last of this putrid software blight (two days of effort in fact). If only I was astute enough to create a revenge program to return to the festering arseholes that spoiled two days of my life....but alas my personal moral view and lack of skill prevents that course of action. I will however offer them my views on their products and intellectual capacity via email....for what it's worth!

I guess those people to lazy to become defence solicitors and politicians have to find someway to earn the money they need to buy drugs/pay to have sex/buy alcohol.......etc (I'm not bitter....just angry!)

Think happy thoughts.......maybe a similar product from another source will strip their bank accounts and enter them on an international sex offenders register....I can hope!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


It's that time of the year......when the shops are filled with chocolate eggs, chocolate hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies, chocolate bilby's (you get the idea!) and huge quantities of commercial crap.....I mean gifts!

Easter has become another holiday of commercial excess.

It's time to make a stand and call it by a name with real meaning.........The Chocolate Very Long Weekend! - Not catchy or clever but pretty accurate.

The world likes chocolate so much even health professionals are trying to prove it can be good for you........think about it.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back to work........

I went back to work on Monday. I made it through the whole week unscathed. In fact I spent the latter part of the week being a sounding board for several staff who are starting to question the reasons we do our job in the conditions thrown at interesting exercise indeed! I think I discovered much about myself and hopefully provided them with some useful advice....we'll see.

The political climate in my organisation has always been somewhat volatile but I my particular Unit especially so! We are operating in a work environment that is largely controlled by another government agency which means what we do can impact two different government ministers who just happen to be from opposing party political factions.....that can be a real pain! This week saw some major point scoring attempted by these two using information derived from work done by my's interesting to see how two politicians can completely change the meaning of the same information to achieve their own ends. What a pair of lying bastards! Not surprising when you know one is a rabid, vicious drunk and the other regularly associates with numerous nefarious members of the local community to get ahead (no names no pack drill...) Fortunately that becomes my bosses problem and not mine......whew!

I can see where our festering, oops I mean federal politicians get their methods and policies from.....aah the downside of democracy - the people that aspire to the job are usually the ones that should never do it!

On a bright note....we've just booked a holiday for next year...details soon...:-)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Home maintenance.........

Well I'm into the second (and final!) week of my holidays and still on the home maintenance.......whew!

Last week the clean up and this week the new floor in the kitchen......cork tiles. The only down side so far has been the fumes from the glue and the surface sealant.....what a stink! Then it occured to me that my wife works for a company that supplies eco and environmentally friendly paints and finishes....... low or no VOC's and as a consequence smell. Am I an idiot or what? Well not really as they don't have an equivalent product for a floor finish sadly.....still there's a market there for a clever inventor! Anyway I'm nearly finished and it will be onto the next job....if there's any holiday time left????????

On the world scene.....I have often been a critic of George W. but I may have to bite my tongue now our own Prime Minister has suggested that he may sell our abundant uranium to China......what could possibly go wrong? Then again he is one of George W.'s best mates....isn't he. Why am I surprised...............

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Well the holiday is in full swing and I've started on the home maintenance....whew! I'd forgotten how heavy a 9 foot railway sleeper was.....until I picked one up for the bulk rubbish disposal. Now I hurt.....a lot!

That aside I'm feeling pretty good about my I just have to finish all the jobs I have started....not my forte but this time I'm going to succeed!

Only thing left is to drink some home brew.......when the hayfever's that time of the year.....strong easterly winds = hayfever!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

One More Day.......

And I'm on holidays...!!!

A time to recharge and recuperate........away from the idiots.

A time to work on the house (maintenance that's way overdue!)

A time to enjoy time with my loved one and best friend......

A time to regain my sense of fact my humanity (and sanity...!!!)

A time to drink some home brew.......mmmmmm home brew!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Times change....

It's interesting to note as I get older that I find myself thinking about younger people much the same way as the generation before mine thought about gives you a whole new perspective!

I always thought I would never complain about these 'young people' and so far I have pretty much succeeded......but it's not going to last. When you work in a para-military organisation (Police...!!!) as I do it comes as a shock to discover that the 'why' or 'me' generation doesn't share your attitude to work or the necessary management heirachy that you work under.

I understand that things have changed and much of society looks for a holistic, positive feedback, warm and fuzzy approach to crime and punishment. The only problem is that we are still expected to risk our lives whilst being verbally and physically assaulted.....not forgetting to turn the other cheek with little or no support from government or the court system. It just gets harder when the newer officers then start refusing to do the very work that they were warned about before joining 'the job' which often increases the danger and stress we are expected to endure. What a bunch of soft cocks....!!! There is no excuse because the nature of the job is clear and evident to all who's just seems that we have become part of the societal view where no one accepts responsibility for their must be the fault of their parents/childhood/schooling/church/police/government....etc (anyone but them! funny that!).

What a load of bollocks!

It has to change eventually and it will.....I just hope I have retired by then because the future law enforcers will have to clean up a really nasty mess I fear....

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Going up.......

This week I am acting up a level.......well for a fortnight actually. It's funny how an increase in rank and responsibility hasn't got me away from the idiots...??? Mind you the one above at the moment is one of the problems.....not much I can do but ride with the punches.....

Life is still pretty good at the moment so I'm smiling......I'll enjoy while it lasts!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


As I mentioned we went hunting bad guys.

We threw in the line and waited....then we got four at once! Jackpot........they didn't know what hit them..........

We might do the same tomorrow..........not fair really but it's fun!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Well after many phone calls and much chasing around we are finally finished with our insurance claim....about bloody time! It's not even the fault of any one particular person....just the bureaucratic processes involved. The good news is that we came out of it pretty well....let hope we don't go there again.

Tomorrow I'm going hunting for bad guys with my team.......wish us luck. I have been desk bound for a long time so it will be great to get out.....even if it's going to be 39 degrees C. Time to play.....!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Surrounded by idiots...........

Today I was surrounded by idiots.............the ones I manage I can sort out but the one who manages me is a more difficult prospect. I hope the position I applied for yesterday comes through.......otherwise I'll need to start some serious meditation!

Now where did I put that stress ball.................

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Parcel Day........

We got two parcels from the U.S and one from a record company (insurance replacements).

We love parcels........the excitement of discovery! Mmmmmmm...peppermint patties...!

Well work sucks at the moment so I take my amusement where I find it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

There was movement at the station.....

For the word had passed around.........that tenure letters had been distributed (apologies to Banjo Patterson!). For those who understand tenure to mean my line of work it means 'thanks for coming - now sod off somewhere else...!!!'

Most of the staff at my station have been the recipients of the dreaded 'you have reached the end of your tenure' letter. It's the tool of our 'paleolithic' divisional officer who seems to believe that when things are running smoothly - something must need fixing! He's of the past. The very distant past! Unfortunately in a para-military organisation his rank affords him power - rather than his brains! He believes he is an innovator but the rest of us know he is a ill-equipped moron. Pity....he's just screwing up a very successful unit and to be honest I really don't have the energy to fight it. I'm off....I've decided to look for another spot in the agency. I'm quite ambivalent about it so I guess I am better off than many......judging by the panic around the office. Our immediate managers are fairly annoyed as well but they are also largely powerless.

I just keep thinking...when one door closes - another opens.

Here's hoping...........

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Australia Day...........

Australia Day has been and gone for another year and although I am a very proud Australian, I'm somewhat glad. Unfortunately I spent the night and some of the early morning processing a number of mostly young, well-off white Australians in our lock-up. I was told I "should be ashamed" and asked "don't I have anything better to do" by one barely teen age girl who had been arrested for punching an officer in the face after he legally seized her alcohol.....I might add that she was drunk and vomiting everywhere when the alcohol was seized! Yes I did have many things I wanted and should have been doing but people like her were preventing me.....of course she was never going to see that because I was just another fat f**king pig who was out to spoil her day. At least she wasn't beaten up or worse. Her mother was also very grateful that we intervened when she came to collect her and saw the state she was in......there's some hope for her if her parents can keep her on the 'straight and narrow'.

The night was generally better than some past years but there are still way to many idiots and selfish animals out there who think it's acceptable to assault, swear, fight, spit (can you believe it!) and generally drink to excess........male and female alike!

Now for the great news....the Peugeot has arrived! What a little stunner and we even received a 'Peugeot Lion' soft toy on the dash....nice touch! I will no doubt write some more about it after driving over time.......stay tuned!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Life has returned to normal........

We are now back to the normal cycles of our home life. The insurance has paid out on our losses and we have ordered a new car.....a very sexy black Peugeot 206XTC so I guess you can call that some major 'retail therapy'. We are also both sleeping a lot better although the locking up routine at night is very strict now.

We have ended up about $3000.00 out of pocket from the experience but I think the change in attitude that we have both noticed is probably a greater issue.....hopefully that will temper with time. I still wonder if that is our fault....................I think not.

We are coming up on our major Australian holiday this week, known as....not surprisingly.....Australia Day. It is mostly a day for people to get together and socialize, have barbecues, drink and in the evening watch a 'fireworks' display...if you are in a capital city. From a work perspective this tends to be a very busy weather, copious quantities of alcohol and way to much get the picture. We always hope for the best but.............let's see what this year brings. I'm hoping for friendly, proud and patriotic..........not drunk, aggressive and stupid....we had them last year and that was no fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Years.........(Part 3)

Well now two weeks have passed and life has pretty much returned to's funny how resilient the human spirit is in these situations. We still haven't got anything back yet and the offenders are yet to be found, but at least there is some positive movement from the insurance company.

We are still struggling with the fact that we worked very hard for what we lost and feel let down.....mostly because the little shits that did this clearly didn't care about the effect their behaviour had. This is being exacerbated by the news that we can't replace the car with what we lost as there are none in the country. A new model is due out in a few weeks but it is to be more expensive and we are already losing money on the price of the stolen car due to insurance isn't fair. We did nothing to deserve this!

I know in the scheme of things our problems are minor.....we are reminded of this regularly just watching world events, but this is my place to clear my head so I'll continue to vent!

We just have to get through this weekend for the insurance to pay out on the car and we can start fresh.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year (part 2)........

Well it's been a week since our uninvited, noctural visitors......the car is still missing and they haven't found any of our stuff. We are both acutely aware that we are in fact very lucky as we are both unhurt and we have insurance but the act itself leaves us wondering about where these type of people will head into the future......after all they are now just kids and history shows that most recidevist criminal offenders get bolder and commit more serious offences over time.

Sadly the picture is bleak for them and maybe that becomes their punishment....the only problem is the people that they hurt on the way, both emotionally and physically.......many say that kids are not to blame in these situation but although I don't come from a racial minority I did leave a broken home at 17 and went to work without a tertiary education and I now have a comfortable life....if I can do it - why can't they.......there is no good reason!

The downside to being a victim is that you become less likely to be sympathetic to the reasons and behaviour of your attackers and that leads to lack of support when they have environmental problems which marginalises them..........thus continues the vicious cycle.

A week down the track we are both still angry enough not to care and I worry it will stay that way.......we may have been turned forever........but is that our fault?

I still have to battle the insurance company to get a fair hearing so I guess it's not over yet......

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years....!!!

Happy New Year to everyone except........

the two little turds who broke into our house at 5.05am while we were asleep, stole our hard earned possessions, my wife's first new car and frightened the crap out of her and then laughed as she chased you up the street! Your new year should bring you what you deserve times 100

and remember

For stealing you deserve to be punished by the law....

For frightening the most important person in my life.......let's just say:-

There's dark angel waiting for you at every should be very afraid!