Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pay Rise!!!!

After all the bitching and whining I can happily (well sort of!) say we have been given a pay rise....and a good one too! It will make life a lot more palatable and certainly pay for the upcoming holiday!

The small sting in the tail is twofold:-

Now applying for other jobs becomes a little less easy because the wage will always play some part in the decision, and

We were put in a very uncomfortable position in this pay agreement in that we are expected to publicly say we got less than we actually did!! (the Government wants to save face and avoid paying the teachers and nurses a lot more in their pay negotiations......!!!!!)

It makes me feel a little dirty......but I'm going to take it anyway......a man's wife has to live to a standard you know!!!

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Odyssey said...

The Government honestly thinks the real size of the raise they've given won't leak out to the public? They're more stupid than I thought...