Monday, May 11, 2009


Angry, angry, angry, angry!!!!!

I'm not going to play that game any more!!!

I've spent too many years trying to be to be the peacemaker and I won't walk on eggshells any more.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Time marches on.......

It's taken me a long time to get past my last post......they say time heals old wounds...well I'm at the 'big red throbbing scars' stage at the moment and those images kept me away from my blog.

Time has moved on and even though I clearly haven't it's time to update those that read this scrawl.....

My youngest sibling is now a 'married man' and very happily so.....we are all very pleased even though 'eL' and I missed the actual event.....again sorry bro!

We have been in Albany for 15 months now.....geez time flies! It has now become clear that we will be heading back to Perth next year, work and circumstances permitting!! Albany is wonderful and the scenery is spectacular but a new boss and a new big boss have made the work environment less pleasing....sadly! It was a good call at the beginning so no complaints. Anyway we are both starting to miss Perth.

'eL' has been studying and generally enjoying life. We've even got out and about on the mighty Triumph of she wants one!! We have also registered to foster RSPCA dogs but unfortunately the first one was re-homed before it even arrived. We're still waiting....!!!

I keep reminding myself that we are pretty lucky (work aside) and the world financial crisis has had little impact on us personally......plenty to smile about and no real complaints when you think about it....:-)