Friday, April 23, 2010

Long time since my last...........

Well it's been a bloody long time between drinks as they say!

I realised a while back that I had taken to venting (whinging!) in most of my posts......BOOOORRIIIIINNGG!!!! So I thought it was time to point out the good stuff....the things I am grateful for....:-)

First and most wonderful wife! She makes me smile and keeps me she puts up with my mood swings and general negativity on occasions. She is the best!!!

Secondly my health.....which is pretty good despite the way I eat and my lack of exercise....:-)

Thirdly my know who you are!! My brother with his cool wife and three wacky (in a good way) kids, my sister (who's just survived her first birth) with her health crazy husband and her sweet new son Nicholas (what lungs man!!) and the youngest, most recently married brother with his wonderful wife. You guys are a cool bunch and we seemed to have turned out all right.....well mostly...:-)

Then there's the day to day stuff.....I have a well paid job (some may not necessarily agreed) which allows me to see some of the most hilarious, bizarre and unexpected stuff everyday....who else can say that? The place we live is comfortable and very, very fact a place I think I could stay at if things worked out the right way....who knows. The house we have is large and very comfortable. We have two completely mad rescue dogs that we love dearly and who amuse us infinitely.....:-) The weather here for the most part is also pretty good......not to hot or cold.....and enough rain to keep it green.

Lastly I have my cool retro Triumph Bonneville T100.....which I just love riding.......freedom, speed and the open a bit of adrenalin...:-)

So there you have it......plenty of good more venting....maybe...:-)