Sunday, October 02, 2011

New toy........

After some saving and waiting I finally got my new 'toy'.......I do actually need it to knock the grass down and no I'm not using a push mower as one of you suggested!!! So here it ones go faster!

As you can see it came with a trailer and it has a nice dry and safe home in the sea container

There's plenty of grass to cut.....1.5 acres of the stuff!!

This is what it looked like when I started

....and when I ran out of light......still over half an acre to do (and there's rain forecast for tomorrow!!)

It was huge fun though.......:-)

I love power tools (more power!!!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Springtime means planting....

Today we decided to make our mark on the block and we did that by starting our planting of the deciduous forest and a privacy hedge

The weather was magnificent so we headed to our 'happy' place....Bunnings!!

Then it was off to the block for a spot of digging......Lynne, of course, supervising

Abby decided to help (???) in her own special way

But we did finally get a tree into that hole.....followed by another one of the same size.....(they're both Liquid Ambers)

Then we started planting the 'tube-stock' plants which will be a privacy hedge. These are all local native plants (Hakea, Grevillia, Banksia and Bottlebrush). The hedge is to block out the road along the side of the block. Yes there are plants there you just need to look hard!! The wire is to stop the kangaroos and rabbits from eating the small plants......yes we have 'roos....I saw two the other morning...:-)

We still have a heap more plants to buy and plant but you have to start somewhere! This is fun!!!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Next phase.......

We are moving into the next phase of will be interesting, exciting and probably frustrating at times too!

As my avid readers (yes all three of you!!) will know we have bought ourselves our own little piece of land in rural West Oz (Australia...not the Dorothy and TinMan place!). Yesterday we made our mark on it by building a cross-over from the road to give us access. There's a shallow roadside drain along the front of the land which was just going to trap any cars trying to drive into the property (I wasn't going to get bogged on my own land for a start!)

It took 5 cubic metres of gravel, a lot of shoveling and a compactor but it turned out pretty good considering my past construction disasters

Once that was finished and tested (!!!) we had a sea container delivered

Followed by some sanding

Next we have to start on the planting of our deciduous forest, orchard and vegie garden. After that comes the really difficult bit.....choosing/designing a house!!!

This will be our view (minus the container which will be behind the house with a large 'man cave' (garage...:-)) next to it.

Isn't winter down here bloody awful....:-)

I'm still here!!!

I got bored with my last blog template so here's my new may stay or not!!