Monday, September 12, 2011

Springtime means planting....

Today we decided to make our mark on the block and we did that by starting our planting of the deciduous forest and a privacy hedge

The weather was magnificent so we headed to our 'happy' place....Bunnings!!

Then it was off to the block for a spot of digging......Lynne, of course, supervising

Abby decided to help (???) in her own special way

But we did finally get a tree into that hole.....followed by another one of the same size.....(they're both Liquid Ambers)

Then we started planting the 'tube-stock' plants which will be a privacy hedge. These are all local native plants (Hakea, Grevillia, Banksia and Bottlebrush). The hedge is to block out the road along the side of the block. Yes there are plants there you just need to look hard!! The wire is to stop the kangaroos and rabbits from eating the small plants......yes we have 'roos....I saw two the other morning...:-)

We still have a heap more plants to buy and plant but you have to start somewhere! This is fun!!!


mouthfulofpancake said...

Love the pic of abby! So glad that you guys are having fun!!

Goose said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. It all looks great!

Odyssey said...

Very nice! Does the wire really keep the roos out?

JollyRgr said...


They're lazy buggers and the grass is's mainly for the rabbits!!