Saturday, January 28, 2006

Australia Day...........

Australia Day has been and gone for another year and although I am a very proud Australian, I'm somewhat glad. Unfortunately I spent the night and some of the early morning processing a number of mostly young, well-off white Australians in our lock-up. I was told I "should be ashamed" and asked "don't I have anything better to do" by one barely teen age girl who had been arrested for punching an officer in the face after he legally seized her alcohol.....I might add that she was drunk and vomiting everywhere when the alcohol was seized! Yes I did have many things I wanted and should have been doing but people like her were preventing me.....of course she was never going to see that because I was just another fat f**king pig who was out to spoil her day. At least she wasn't beaten up or worse. Her mother was also very grateful that we intervened when she came to collect her and saw the state she was in......there's some hope for her if her parents can keep her on the 'straight and narrow'.

The night was generally better than some past years but there are still way to many idiots and selfish animals out there who think it's acceptable to assault, swear, fight, spit (can you believe it!) and generally drink to excess........male and female alike!

Now for the great news....the Peugeot has arrived! What a little stunner and we even received a 'Peugeot Lion' soft toy on the dash....nice touch! I will no doubt write some more about it after driving over time.......stay tuned!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Life has returned to normal........

We are now back to the normal cycles of our home life. The insurance has paid out on our losses and we have ordered a new car.....a very sexy black Peugeot 206XTC so I guess you can call that some major 'retail therapy'. We are also both sleeping a lot better although the locking up routine at night is very strict now.

We have ended up about $3000.00 out of pocket from the experience but I think the change in attitude that we have both noticed is probably a greater issue.....hopefully that will temper with time. I still wonder if that is our fault....................I think not.

We are coming up on our major Australian holiday this week, known as....not surprisingly.....Australia Day. It is mostly a day for people to get together and socialize, have barbecues, drink and in the evening watch a 'fireworks' display...if you are in a capital city. From a work perspective this tends to be a very busy weather, copious quantities of alcohol and way to much get the picture. We always hope for the best but.............let's see what this year brings. I'm hoping for friendly, proud and patriotic..........not drunk, aggressive and stupid....we had them last year and that was no fun!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Years.........(Part 3)

Well now two weeks have passed and life has pretty much returned to's funny how resilient the human spirit is in these situations. We still haven't got anything back yet and the offenders are yet to be found, but at least there is some positive movement from the insurance company.

We are still struggling with the fact that we worked very hard for what we lost and feel let down.....mostly because the little shits that did this clearly didn't care about the effect their behaviour had. This is being exacerbated by the news that we can't replace the car with what we lost as there are none in the country. A new model is due out in a few weeks but it is to be more expensive and we are already losing money on the price of the stolen car due to insurance isn't fair. We did nothing to deserve this!

I know in the scheme of things our problems are minor.....we are reminded of this regularly just watching world events, but this is my place to clear my head so I'll continue to vent!

We just have to get through this weekend for the insurance to pay out on the car and we can start fresh.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year (part 2)........

Well it's been a week since our uninvited, noctural visitors......the car is still missing and they haven't found any of our stuff. We are both acutely aware that we are in fact very lucky as we are both unhurt and we have insurance but the act itself leaves us wondering about where these type of people will head into the future......after all they are now just kids and history shows that most recidevist criminal offenders get bolder and commit more serious offences over time.

Sadly the picture is bleak for them and maybe that becomes their punishment....the only problem is the people that they hurt on the way, both emotionally and physically.......many say that kids are not to blame in these situation but although I don't come from a racial minority I did leave a broken home at 17 and went to work without a tertiary education and I now have a comfortable life....if I can do it - why can't they.......there is no good reason!

The downside to being a victim is that you become less likely to be sympathetic to the reasons and behaviour of your attackers and that leads to lack of support when they have environmental problems which marginalises them..........thus continues the vicious cycle.

A week down the track we are both still angry enough not to care and I worry it will stay that way.......we may have been turned forever........but is that our fault?

I still have to battle the insurance company to get a fair hearing so I guess it's not over yet......

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years....!!!

Happy New Year to everyone except........

the two little turds who broke into our house at 5.05am while we were asleep, stole our hard earned possessions, my wife's first new car and frightened the crap out of her and then laughed as she chased you up the street! Your new year should bring you what you deserve times 100

and remember

For stealing you deserve to be punished by the law....

For frightening the most important person in my life.......let's just say:-

There's dark angel waiting for you at every should be very afraid!