Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Year (part 2)........

Well it's been a week since our uninvited, noctural visitors......the car is still missing and they haven't found any of our stuff. We are both acutely aware that we are in fact very lucky as we are both unhurt and we have insurance but the act itself leaves us wondering about where these type of people will head into the future......after all they are now just kids and history shows that most recidevist criminal offenders get bolder and commit more serious offences over time.

Sadly the picture is bleak for them and maybe that becomes their punishment....the only problem is the people that they hurt on the way, both emotionally and physically.......many say that kids are not to blame in these situation but although I don't come from a racial minority I did leave a broken home at 17 and went to work without a tertiary education and I now have a comfortable life....if I can do it - why can't they.......there is no good reason!

The downside to being a victim is that you become less likely to be sympathetic to the reasons and behaviour of your attackers and that leads to lack of support when they have environmental problems which marginalises them..........thus continues the vicious cycle.

A week down the track we are both still angry enough not to care and I worry it will stay that way.......we may have been turned forever........but is that our fault?

I still have to battle the insurance company to get a fair hearing so I guess it's not over yet......

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