Saturday, January 28, 2006

Australia Day...........

Australia Day has been and gone for another year and although I am a very proud Australian, I'm somewhat glad. Unfortunately I spent the night and some of the early morning processing a number of mostly young, well-off white Australians in our lock-up. I was told I "should be ashamed" and asked "don't I have anything better to do" by one barely teen age girl who had been arrested for punching an officer in the face after he legally seized her alcohol.....I might add that she was drunk and vomiting everywhere when the alcohol was seized! Yes I did have many things I wanted and should have been doing but people like her were preventing me.....of course she was never going to see that because I was just another fat f**king pig who was out to spoil her day. At least she wasn't beaten up or worse. Her mother was also very grateful that we intervened when she came to collect her and saw the state she was in......there's some hope for her if her parents can keep her on the 'straight and narrow'.

The night was generally better than some past years but there are still way to many idiots and selfish animals out there who think it's acceptable to assault, swear, fight, spit (can you believe it!) and generally drink to excess........male and female alike!

Now for the great news....the Peugeot has arrived! What a little stunner and we even received a 'Peugeot Lion' soft toy on the dash....nice touch! I will no doubt write some more about it after driving over time.......stay tuned!


Milo said...

pics, must post pics of that Peugeot!

Odyssey said...

Vrrooommmm! I can just picture it now. JollyRgr speeding off into the sunset with a loud piratical "Aaaaaarrrrggghhh!", window down, wind blowing through his hair, parrot clinging desparately to his shoulder, puffy sleeves waving in the breeze... You are going to get a skull and crossbones for the antenna, right?

JollyRgr said... You know I'd have to ask the boss first! It is her car after all. I own the one that 'shall not be photographed'.

A pirate I may be but the puffy sleeves went out after the Seinfeld episode.

Mock me not or ye may 'walk the plank..!!'

Odyssey said...

What do you mean puffy sleeves are out? Captain Feathersword of Wiggles fame wears them and they're quite stylish... :-)