Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Years.........(Part 3)

Well now two weeks have passed and life has pretty much returned to's funny how resilient the human spirit is in these situations. We still haven't got anything back yet and the offenders are yet to be found, but at least there is some positive movement from the insurance company.

We are still struggling with the fact that we worked very hard for what we lost and feel let down.....mostly because the little shits that did this clearly didn't care about the effect their behaviour had. This is being exacerbated by the news that we can't replace the car with what we lost as there are none in the country. A new model is due out in a few weeks but it is to be more expensive and we are already losing money on the price of the stolen car due to insurance isn't fair. We did nothing to deserve this!

I know in the scheme of things our problems are minor.....we are reminded of this regularly just watching world events, but this is my place to clear my head so I'll continue to vent!

We just have to get through this weekend for the insurance to pay out on the car and we can start fresh.

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Milo said...

sorry to hear this, roger. May you soon get to bust the heads of these little jackasses.