Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year.........

Well we got through Christmas and it went very well.....give or take. We ate and drank too much so now we have to work hard to get rid of those extra kilo's!

It's New Years Eve and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for work tonight.....not an easy task because we only see the 'bad' people. I have decided I need to balance my life by spending more time with decent people so I don't always think the worst of occupational hazard I'm afraid......

Wish me luck for tonight.....hopefully no injuries to any of my crew and maybe for a change everyone will behave and just have's hoping!

To paraphrase the 'Bard' - "Once more unto the breech dear friends!"

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Twas the night before Christmas....

Well it's the afternoon before really........we are wrapping presents and I'm about to cook a magnificent leg of pork (roast...!!!).

We are awash with food for tomorrow as we are doing Christmas lunch for immediate family......last minute decision but I think it will come together nicely. The roast will be interesting as I've never done one before.........fingers crossed!

I have mixed feelings about Christmas due to some recent 'turbulence' and I am hoping the day turns out to be fun......I will be making every effort and may be 'under the weather' for work on Boxing Day (who cares!!!)

For anyone who reads this on or around the day............."Happy Hanukkah....Merry Christmas.....Happy Non-denominational Festive Season" and most of all


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Modern life experiences!

I had a strange day today.....I underwent a medical experience (no, not just for the sake of it) that made me think about how so many things humans do have changed significantly in the time I've been alive.

I caught the train to hospital at midday, was admitted at 12:45, had a surgical procedure at 2:15 and caught the train home arriving at 3:15, all without any pain or need for significant follow up amazing is that? That is something that no one could have dreamt of only 20 years ago and I also appreciate that many people still won't have the same benefits even today!

Now here I sit with 5 stitches in my lower lip and, as I mentioned before, without pain. I certainly realise how lucky I really am.

For the record I had a small black lesion removed that had grown just under the surface of my lower lip......just to be sure it wasn't the 'Australian' cancer (skin!).

If only we spent more time on the good things and less on the weapons

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pay Rise!!!!

After all the bitching and whining I can happily (well sort of!) say we have been given a pay rise....and a good one too! It will make life a lot more palatable and certainly pay for the upcoming holiday!

The small sting in the tail is twofold:-

Now applying for other jobs becomes a little less easy because the wage will always play some part in the decision, and

We were put in a very uncomfortable position in this pay agreement in that we are expected to publicly say we got less than we actually did!! (the Government wants to save face and avoid paying the teachers and nurses a lot more in their pay negotiations......!!!!!)

It makes me feel a little dirty......but I'm going to take it anyway......a man's wife has to live to a standard you know!!!