Thursday, December 14, 2006

Modern life experiences!

I had a strange day today.....I underwent a medical experience (no, not just for the sake of it) that made me think about how so many things humans do have changed significantly in the time I've been alive.

I caught the train to hospital at midday, was admitted at 12:45, had a surgical procedure at 2:15 and caught the train home arriving at 3:15, all without any pain or need for significant follow up amazing is that? That is something that no one could have dreamt of only 20 years ago and I also appreciate that many people still won't have the same benefits even today!

Now here I sit with 5 stitches in my lower lip and, as I mentioned before, without pain. I certainly realise how lucky I really am.

For the record I had a small black lesion removed that had grown just under the surface of my lower lip......just to be sure it wasn't the 'Australian' cancer (skin!).

If only we spent more time on the good things and less on the weapons

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Odyssey said...

Ain't modern medicine grand? At least when it works the way it's supposed too...

May your lip continue to heal without pain!