Friday, May 04, 2012

More changes....

Well it looks like we've sold our house in Perth......yay. So now it's time to start the process of building our 'ideal' home.......this could be very interesting. We've (and I mean 'eL' when I say that) been collecting lots of images, ideas, concepts, wishes and stuff that is all going towards deciding what our new home will look like.......good thing 'eL' knows what she's doing because I'm struggling a bit. To be fair though she has a great eye and I'm liking what she has suggested.....a lot! I'm not going to describe what we are building because I would fail miserably and it gives me the opportunity to do a pictorial diary/ watch this space. To say we're happy 'little vegemites' at this time would be an understatement!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New old thing

I have started playing double bass because it like re-learning and old because I used to play many, many moons ago.

I have hired a bass and joined the Albany Sinfonia....had my first playing rehearsal tonight and I went alright.....well I think I did...:-)

Sore fingers now.....and sheet music filling my waking moments.....shit Bolero sucks for bass players!!!!!

This should prove interesting.....and fun!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's out with the old......

Well here we are in a new year.....

Last year had both good and bad for us......we bought a beautiful block of land, I replaced my aging ute, I finally overcame (well partially at least!!) my fear of flying taking a much needed holiday in Bali and most importantly we welcomed the arrival of the newest edition to the extended clan, 'N' in Nashville...:-). On the other side of the ledger we sadly lost 'eL's step father in September and a very close friend's father just before Christmas.

This year looks to be full of promise.....our place in Perth will shortly be on the market and as soon as it sells we hope to start on building here....on that beautiful 1.5 acre neighbours, less noise and a brand new house....yay!! As an extra bonus the two idiots who were in charge at my work have transferred out and hopefully things there will return to some semblance of normality.

I think this will be an excellent year......and I hope the same for my readers too.