Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Parity....yeah right!

Today we discovered that a defence lawyer was attempting to interfere with (no......honest I just want to chat to them.....!!!) a large group of prosecution witnesses in an upcoming case. This is a first for me.....I've experienced chicanery and dirty tricks in the court room but interfering with witnesses in a blatant manner is not what even the worse legal practiitioners would do....obviously we have moved to a lower level these days.

We spoke to our prosecutor and suggested that we should protect the witnesses by suggesting they avoid this lawyer and we were met with admonishment in the form of "we shouldn't interfere as long as he doesn't threaten them". I suggested we ensure that if they are approached we should also be present to provide some support and was told "that would not be fair on the lawyer"

Bollocks to the lawyer....what about the witnesses......no wonder most people don't want to get involved these days. I'm not sure I do anymore....where's that new job.

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