Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sick puppy........

We had a small medical emergency on Tuesday night......with Max our 'little' puppy.

It had been a pretty grim day for both the love of my life and I at our respective jobs and the evening was not looking good either (unplanned and last-minute work that was dumped on the one I care about....unfairly I might add!). I looked out the back door to see the sad face of Max.....he was drooling profusely and shaking which meant only one thing to me....poison!

As it was about 7.30pm I only had one option and that involved loading all 65 kilos of sick puppy into my 'ute' for an urgent trip to the nearest emergency vets about 30 minutes away. What a journey!!!!!!!! I was covered in dog slobber from head to toe by the time I got there and then Max decides he doesn't like the vet.......grrrrrrrrrrr/woof, etc.

In the end it looks like he either got a bee sting in the mouth or maybe a spider bite! I should mention that we have many of the really 'world-class' poisonous spiders in this country but fortunately the venom of most will not kill your dog, just you if you're unlucky....!!!!!

He was almost better by the time I got home and is fine now..........he is quite cute even if he dislikes most people and we were very worried for a while. At least it took my mind off the crap day we both had and made us realise that it could have been much worse.


mouthfulofpancake said...

Poor Max!!! He really should know better though than to play with red backs or white tails. They don't make the best of friends!! Glad to hear that he was ok although its very scary when you have to race them to the vet like that. Poor puppy!!!!

JollyRgr said...

The photo is him doing his best Scooby Doo impression