Friday, May 26, 2006

Self Interest.......

I lost my temper today.....with my boss! He was too self absorbed to even notice!

He was lecturing me condescendingly about things I knew more about than he did and when I attempted to respond he spoke over me as if I wasn't even there. He even failed to notice me loudly commenting to a bystander that I was being ignored by him..........I guess he was only standing right in front of me as I said was unreasonable of me to expect him to listen.

When I calmed down...after walking away from the discussion before doing something I would have regretted......I began to ponder how many people are lacking in the skill of listening.

There are a lot more of them these days.....many don't even attempt to listen or pretend that they do. It's all about them and it seem that they are the ones who get ahead....squeaky wheel and all that!

I think I rather stay as I am than become someone like that.

The real boss comes back on Monday..........what a relief!

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