Friday, May 12, 2006

Day from hell!

Today was not fact it sucked!

We lost a court case due to witnesses deciding to change their evidence with no warning....and after making the original complaint to us in the first place!

The organisation lost another court case after a jury were intimidated out of convicting several very nasty prominent thugs! Then these very scumbags claim they are hard done by......what utter crap!

Five very senior members of our organisation were relieved of duty for now in relation to an overturned conviction......this just makes us all look bad whether they have done anything wrong or not!

My current supervisor (hair plug!) has suddenly developed a rubber desk...and guess where all his work is bouncing too!

Clearly there is no God, Buddha, Krishna, Allah or other overall single cosmic deity....and as for intelligent design.....let's not go there right now, I may blow a valve!

I may go and sit in the corner and rock for a while

1 comment:

forever_changing said...

sit in the corner and recite "i'll never tell" freaky!! of course but theraputic as well.

Im in a stirring mood so you know what that means - look out plug boy!!!! I wanna see if I can tip him over the edge this week..