Friday, May 19, 2006

What's good for the goose............

As police officers we are expected to comply with many laws, rules, regulations and policies that cover everything from our manner of dress, through to the way behave and onto the manner in which we treat our customers and our own colleagues. We all know the rules and most of us try to follow them most of the time.....of course mistakes occur from time to time but we are only human!

When we deal with the public (both good and bad) we are expected to behave well and treat them with respect, compassion and fairness.......fair enough too! Even recidevist offenders have rights!

Why is it then that when Internal Affairs dealt with two former members of my office today on disciplinary matters they were provided with no support, compassion or care on any level at all! They were treated like the numbers that we all fear we have become.

These were not criminal offenders but very inexperienced officers who had made errors of judgment in behaviour in relation to a fellow crime, no malice and no intent to do harm.....just mistakes and stupidity.

I don't excuse their behavior in any way but when did we lose our right to fairness.....and what does it tell the rest of us in respect to our value to the organisation. The way in which this whole issue has been conducted is nothing short of disgusting.

The message I'm getting is not good! No wonder we are losing more members than we can replace.

I have limited my comments to a large degree as I don't really possess the appropriate vocabulary to express my full anger without resorting to crass and unseemly language........which achieves nothing!

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