Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Now here's the latest news.....

Since my last post I have turned a year older (yes I may be two years older than you for a month little bro but you aren't getting much sleep ...... so I think I'm ahead!). I had a wonderful day out and about with the one I love.

The rally I mentioned was extremely successful in as much as more than 2000 police protested outside parliament, we got national media coverage and the arbitration body is now taking our side in negotiations.....we kicked arse and the politicians know it! They are still not feeling terribly generous towards us but they know we mean business. Anyway I'm looking elsewhere so they can shovel sand up their respective arses!

I am seriously hunting for new employ so things are looking up.....we'll see where things go.

It's about time I started a new batch of fact several batches I think........what about you little bro????


Odyssey said...

Hmmm, I almost have my pre-home-brew-gut back, so it might be time to start again... I have the ingredients for a German-style lager I should use. Alas it need to lager in the bottle for three months... Perhaps I'll brew an English pub ale as well - much faster.

JollyRgr said...

Still on the "peach-tea drinking girlie-man beers" I see.....what about a nice Porter or perhaps a dark ale. Seriously though a good cream ale is always an excellent bet...a Kilkenny or Caffreys copy.....hmmmmm beer!!!!