Monday, April 17, 2006

Malicious software!

Yesterday I discovered that my PC was infected with adware/spyware and viruses. This became apparent when I suddenly started seeing a 'virus alert' icon and message in the task bar in XP. I don't know where these nasty little invaders came from or when I picked them up but I was not amused!!! (No not porn sites....not my cup of tea actually!)

Then it occured to me that the message was trying to link me to a software site that would cure the problem......which obviously means that this company was aware of my situation. How?????? and then I realised....these piles of excrement caused the infection and then had the front to offer the cure. What a pack of socially impoverished wankers!

I have been lucky until now and never experienced this problem......but that's obviously over now! I have since added an excellent anti-virus/anti-adware program but even that took several goes to remove the last of this putrid software blight (two days of effort in fact). If only I was astute enough to create a revenge program to return to the festering arseholes that spoiled two days of my life....but alas my personal moral view and lack of skill prevents that course of action. I will however offer them my views on their products and intellectual capacity via email....for what it's worth!

I guess those people to lazy to become defence solicitors and politicians have to find someway to earn the money they need to buy drugs/pay to have sex/buy alcohol.......etc (I'm not bitter....just angry!)

Think happy thoughts.......maybe a similar product from another source will strip their bank accounts and enter them on an international sex offenders register....I can hope!

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Odyssey said...

And I can't even pull my holier-than-thou-'cos-I-have-a-Mac attitude - viruses/spyware/malware are beginning to be a problem for us too.