Saturday, April 08, 2006

Back to work........

I went back to work on Monday. I made it through the whole week unscathed. In fact I spent the latter part of the week being a sounding board for several staff who are starting to question the reasons we do our job in the conditions thrown at interesting exercise indeed! I think I discovered much about myself and hopefully provided them with some useful advice....we'll see.

The political climate in my organisation has always been somewhat volatile but I my particular Unit especially so! We are operating in a work environment that is largely controlled by another government agency which means what we do can impact two different government ministers who just happen to be from opposing party political factions.....that can be a real pain! This week saw some major point scoring attempted by these two using information derived from work done by my's interesting to see how two politicians can completely change the meaning of the same information to achieve their own ends. What a pair of lying bastards! Not surprising when you know one is a rabid, vicious drunk and the other regularly associates with numerous nefarious members of the local community to get ahead (no names no pack drill...) Fortunately that becomes my bosses problem and not mine......whew!

I can see where our festering, oops I mean federal politicians get their methods and policies from.....aah the downside of democracy - the people that aspire to the job are usually the ones that should never do it!

On a bright note....we've just booked a holiday for next year...details soon...:-)

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