Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I was right....a new job was the doctor's recommendation as I guessed! Not so easy to do....maybe I can re-invent the old job......hmmmm....maybe not.

I think I will stay around for a bit longer....if only to watch "Hairplug". It's amazing to sit back and watch a grown man of 50 odd losing it completely. He's taken to wandering around the office sprouting total gibberish to all and that's just a bit disturbing! It's a good thing he doesn't have access to the's just a shame he still has rank. He is also now so self-absorbed that he will very shortly disappear up his own rectal passage......mental note - make sure the video camera is would make "Funniest Home Video" for sure or maybe we could just upload it to the 'net'.

At least I still have my sense of several shades of black!!!!

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Odyssey said...

Listen to the doctor! He/she knows what they're talking about. Watching a Hairplug implode may be amusing, but is not good for the health.