Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sorry......I got slack

I did promise to do some blogging updates about building our house but I got slack.... So here's an update of whats been happening since it all started in March. Firstly we decided to plant an orchard....easy really...surely!!! Well we tried to dig with spade and shovel and discovered a new kind of 'hell' called coffee rock....and we have lots of it....anybody want some!! So we decided to upgrade our spades to a 'real digger' I love machinery...:-) Apart from getting severe heatstroke it worked a treat and we now have a fruit tree orchard. Then the builder started (we had a few false starts due to a city planning dept that likes to make the ratepayers suffer!!!). First there were earthworks Then a sand pad quickly followed by the concrete pad It was all going so quickly.....a week later we had this It's all happening now....:-)