Monday, July 31, 2006


I'm into the second week of two weeks holiday and as could be expected I came down with some dread disease on the first day.....I am still not well and it is obviously related to my general well-being - yes I know little brother, my job is not good for my health!!!!! I am grateful to my better half for being so understanding but it's not really fair on her.

Today we had lunch with an old work colleague of mine who saw sense some years ago and 'jumped ship' so to speak....she is now working in a federal law enforcement agency on a posting to a tropical island off the east coast of Australia....well she calls it working!!!! Well she and my better half ganged up on me over lunch and it made me think about work....seriously think about work!!!!

I am starting to look around to see what I can do that is better for and too both of us!

Let's see what there is............

Monday, July 17, 2006

Pay Offer....update!

The government has not yet accepted our rejection of their original offer.....two weeks after we made it! Talk about stretching things out. Most of the officers I know are very pissed off......and rightly so. We are being treated very badly, in fact, ignored completely by the government.

To cap it all the minister keeps telling the media and public that we are refusing to negotiate.....what a liar.....we turn up to talk and he sends some junior staff members to tell us "take it or leave it!". Even a politician can't call that negotiating.

It looks like a long struggle ahead......bugger!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tears of joy.......

There is nothing quite so heartening as hearing the tears of joy coming from a good friend who has been down in the depths for so long.......congratulations to you and 'The Mexican'. You both deserve this go and enjoy!

The fat lady is singing your song now................!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Pay Offer

We were provided with the current pay offer that our employers, the state, have determined that we deserve on late Friday afternoon. I'm not surprised that they chose that time of the working week to tell was an insult!

If that's what they think we deserve then they are about to discover how far off the mark they are!!!!!!!