Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shark attack...!!!

Yes....a real shark attack. It happened on Saturday morning at about 7.30am on a town beach in Albany. The good news is that the man attacked is going to be okay and the better news is that he was pulled from the water by a local lady who swam out 80 metres from the beach knowing there was a large shark in the that's brave! She is an extraordinary person in my book and deserves all the kudo's and accolades that can be offered....what a woman!!!

We went down to the beach to see if we could spot the shark (which is apparently about 6-7 metres in length and probably a White Pointer) and so did half of the population of our state...or so it seemed. Here are a few pictures I snapped

and these guys

Sort of puts paid to the theory that where there are dolphins there are no fact the guy that was attacked had been swimming with the pod of dolphins that these two belong to.......these guys were just swimming up and down about 15 feet from the beach sand looking at the crowd and playing. The shark was still out there about 500 metres out but these dolphins didn't seem to be concerned...I guess they know what's safe for them! They were having a one else was surprises there!

Later on we went out to the local power facility to enjoy the view...............and what a view

I am proud to be in a community that is using green energy. This wind farm is absolutely beautiful to behold.....the turbines are sculptural and awe-inspiring. (And to the critics....they don't kill local bird life and whilst they do make some noise it is not loud.....the abundant wildlife appear pretty unconcerned).

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Goose said...

Me thinks you're finding excuses to post photos of where you're living to make us all jealous... It's working!

Albany is definitely your kind of town!