Sunday, November 03, 2013

Time for an update.....about bloody time too!!!

My blogging is intermittent at best....too much going on and I just get lazy when I have free time. The house has progressed a lot since the last post but there were some lengthy delays due to weather....and one apprentice who couldn't measure (expensive mistake for the builder that one!!!)
An 80 000 litre rainwater tank...we have mains water but it's full of minerals and kills kettles, coffee machines and any other appliance you put it that is being used on the garden and the rainwater is for us
The roof going on
The roof from inside
The roof went on and this is a view from the front of the block
It reached lock up so we had to content ourselves with pictures through the about frustrating
This is the half finished kitchen and tucked in the back around the corner is a butlers pantry/scullery thing The builder seems to think we will be in around last week of November or first week of December but I will believe that when it happens....of course that means we have to move house.......that will be fun (NOT!!!)

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