Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Well it's been a week of celebrations for us...a birthday and a wedding anniversary (24th..!!)

We spent some quality time together, as well as with the family and really enjoyed ourselves. A night away at a lovely little spot in the hills and a particularly good French meal.....they really know how to make desserts...!!!

Sadly it was back to work today and geez....one day off and there's always a pile of extra work to do. It sort of puts a dampener on the fun....oh well no point worrying.

The foot is improving rapidly now and I'll soon be back to walking for exercise....oh joy.

The beer is still very good and it all seems to be very strong....several tasters have found themselves falling asleep after only one glass.....hmmmmm....only a small problem.

I must work on my pirating when I get some spare time..........aaaargh..!

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