Sunday, November 13, 2005

Woo hoo....more good beer

Well that pretty much sums it up....another batch tested and found to be good. It's 'Blue Mountain Lager' with extra amber malt added by the master brewer (that would be me...!!!). It has come out like a brown ale in clour with a light malty taste...should be very refreshing during the approaching long hot summer.

Well I have survived yet another week back at work and now the weekend has almost finished....already..!!! Time flies when you are having fun....and when you're busy as well. Did a heap around the house and finally built the desk I had been promising for over a year. I've had all the stuff to make it and it took way to long for me to get off my fat arse and actually do it.......sometimes I really get pissed off with myself for my'd think I could address that.

Note to self....'Pull your finger out!'


Milo said...

looks like homebrewing runs in the family. That cobber in KY will probably poison you though.

JollyRgr said...

You may be right......!!!!

The next visit will tell.