Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blogging at sea....Part 3

Well now it's getting interesting.......we're travelling north east along the Kurile Islands in the North Pacific Ocean......yes 'mouthful of pancakes' its volcano country!!!! Well it is but we can't see them because we've had two days solid of low pressure......which means cloud, fog and high seas!!!!

At the moment we have 4 metre swells, 0 degrees celcius and some snow!!!!

Lots of cabins are occupied and have the 'do not disturb' signs out........feeling a little green are we???? Well we sure as hell aren't...we've just been to afternoon tea and it's a formal dinner looks like the sailing in the Whitsundays a many years ago may have attuned us to the 'motion of the ocean' as our teutonic captain calls it.....from the "beautiful and elegant...Staten...dam!!!"

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Goose said...

Glad to hear you have the sea-legs of a true pirate! Even if one of them isn't wooden!