Sunday, May 20, 2007

Blogging at sea....Part 6

Well we've just left Sitka, Alaska and I need to upload the photo's.........the problem being the very slow and congested internet bandwidth from this ship

So....let's just say it was unbelievable and the photo's will follow in the next episode.......


Odyssey said...

We offer full internet availability and upload facilities* at our (make your own) bed and breakfast!

* For a modest fee of course. And it does require an upgrade from you current booked accomodations in the garage to the (comparative) luxury of the basement (complete with washer and drier!**).

** Again, a modest fee required. Plus, you must supply your own detergent, and do our laundry first.

JollyRgr said...

Cheeky bastard...see ya soon!!!!

Goose said...

Look on the bright side JollyRgr, I only get to stay there because I bring Sweetie!

Can't wait to see you all!