Monday, November 26, 2007


We have just had our federal election here in Australia.........

We had a choice between the incumbent who had already served 11 years and was promising more of the same (tight fiscal management and low unemployment) and the 'new kid on the block' who comes from the opposite side of politics and was espousing almost identical policies but has no track record to judge him on!

The nation somehow managed to choose the latter and voted for change but more of the same.........that's compulsory voting at it's worst and believe me I support it but when the choice is no choice......what can you do!!!

So we either have change of the personalities or we are in for a shock when we find that Prime Minister Rudd has lied to us (shock, horror!!!!)

Oh hell.....he's a politician......of course he lied....they both did!


Odyssey said...

Hey, he's promised to sign the Kyoto treaty and apologize to the Aborigines, so that already makes him an improvement in my book.

JollyRgr said...

Agreed....except he just reneged on the apology yesterday and Kyoto is non-binding and he hasn't promised to meet the thinks he lied as much as 'Little Johnny'.....he could still be an improvement....time will tell