Monday, December 10, 2007


'Pancakes' will understand when I say I have been mentally pre-occupied by the thought "what is it with parents?".......I'm guessing she has too!

In other news I'm again feeling stifled at work and after 6 years it's definately time to move......I'm still looking but I may have to compromise and move within first.......and then maybe without! I'm trying a few options to at least change my work environment if not my occupation so stay tuned!!!!

On the world stage I will say I'm glad no one in this country is popular enough to influence the public's opinion when it comes to who to vote for (a.k.a. Miss Winfrey)......that seems tantamount to driving people to the polling booth just to get their vote......oh hang on...that's been done too!!! At least we cut down our 'tall poppy's'


Goose said...

"What is it with parents?"... that makes four of us who are wondering that!

Even though we're afar, we feel for you and 'cakes.

mouthfulofpancake said...

"when you cut down the tall poppies, you only leave space for the weeds to grow"

Odyssey said...

Oy! Parents!

And as far as the election here goes... Unfortunately there will be nothing more motivating for the ultraconservative right wing loonies than for the Democrat candidate to be a woman or black. Note the recent rise of Huckabee - I believe it's at least in part due to Hillary and Obama being the Democrat frontrunners. God help us all if Huckabee is elected.