Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Idiots abound....!!!!

I thought this week was going to be a nightmare because of 'B' - the acting boss but I had no idea that he would have company in the idiot stakes...
One of my colleagues, who is supposed to be a manager, started the week out by phoning me on Sunday night to 'seek advice'.....what a load of bollocks....he wanted me to make some decisions for him! After some discussion and a lot of prompting by me he left me alone to enjoy the remainder of my time off only to handball the problems he had to me so when I got to work on Monday not only was the idiot 'B' in charge but I had a pile of someone else's work to do.
Well.....that was not going to happen and when he phoned to see how I was going (doing his work......cheeky bastard!) he got a shock to find that it would all be waiting for him when he came in! The problem is that he will do it again next time....he just doesn't get it!
In other areas of life things are going well except that my foot is still not fully healed....it still causes quite some pain on occasion but the surgeon reckons it will come good over the next 6 weeks.....it's time like these you really appreciate how important the design of you foot is.....and how much you rely on it working correctly. No more cheap or ill fitting shoes for these guys...only the best will do.

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