Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Un-Australian and unacceptable

For the past three days there has been a demonstration of the most disgusting and un-Australian behaviour initially by a bunch of alcohol-fueled anglo-saxon morons which was promptly followed with retaliation by their targets - angry testosterone-fueled arabs.

These kids have got to be joking.....this is total bullshit and they know it. They have only succeeded in making themselves and the rest of the country look pathetic. Neither side is right!

If you need to prove a point go out on the Nullabour and 'punch on'.....leave the cities and suburbs to those of us who are willing to try and get along or at least use civilised means to sort out our problems.

To those involved.......You are all just sad, pathetic little children with limited mental faculties.........


Milo said...

Arrrgh to all of them.

Unrelated, but since this is a pirate blog ;o) The football coach at Texas Tech is a pirate freak. I thought you'd enjoy reading this (free registration required)

JollyRgr said...

Thanks mate

I'm on my way to check it out