Wednesday, October 05, 2005


About 3 weeks ago I had minor surgery on my foot to repair some old damage.......probably from being stood on by a horse at work years ago(Yes we still have mounted Police here in Australia..).

The thing is I am now off work for six weeks or so which most people would enjoy but not me! I can't do anything......not even stuff around the house....what's the point of having so much free time when I can't use it constructively. Well that's not all true .....I do have a hobby now.....homebrewing beer. The problem is if I spend all my time brewing I'll have more beer than I'll ever an Aussie how can that be a problem...!!!

I guess I should be happy about the beer.....I'm just waiting to try has to mature of course!

Being stuck at home has also given me time to ponder the events in Bali this week past....why is it that there are always people in every belief structure who believe that they have the right to impose their ideology on others with the use of violence. No matter what you believe in, there is no excuse for doing that...!!!

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