Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Watch your back...!!!

As I have mentioned I am currently stuck at home on sick leave as a result of surgery. I have just had a phone call from the guy who is 'acting' in my position....you know being paid a higher rate to do my job. He is clearly being 'screwed over' by two of my peers while doing my job....this unfortunately is a fairly common occurrence in the 'job' because while an acting officer is supposed to be given support and all the respect due to the rank he is occupying it is often the case that substantive officers see 'actors' as lesser mortals and treat them accordingly, which is obviously happening in this case. The two peers concerned have both had a turn 'acting' at a higher rank during my absence (the role that supervises my position) and have that the opportunity to impose significant changes on the area I usually manage.....largely to the detriment of the staff and moral without any noticeable gains in productivity.

Should I mention at this stage that these two peers have both in the past butted heads with me (unsuccessfully.....!!!!)......could this be some form of payback...???? Nah... they couldn't be that unprofessional surely.....!!! They would take issue with me rather than picking on the staff would have done nothing wrong and in fact are working 'above and beyond' the call. It must be my imagination.

It is typical of some people in the 'job' to take the stick to someone when they are not there to respond .... they usually accompany this with 'bad-mouthing' and 'white-anting', two of the tried and true methods of climbing the greasy pole....... sad and pathetic really..!!

Unfortunately for them I have long since discovered that my stubbornness and persistence not only circumvent most of these changes, returning the status quo, but usually result in them suffering the angst that they have aimed at me.....if I could patent the method I would make a fortune. So 'G' and 'G'...learn to relax and enjoy life....Oh and get some fibre in your diets...it looks like you need it..!!!

BTW the beer is improving.......

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